Who is S&J Detasseling? S&J is comprised of many incredibly hard workers, dedicated team leaders, students, teachers, farmers, bus drivers, office personnel, and machine drivers—one strong team that assists with the quality control of producing hybrid corn in the heart of Nebraska. We’ve been roguing and detasseling seed corn for over 40 years providing summer jobs for thousands of Nebraskans.

Safety of our team is our top priority. Besides always aspiring to do the right thing, we realize the tremendous responsibility to provide safe working conditions and to be employers that parents and our workers can trust.

At S&J, we strive to produce quality work that seed corn companies can depend on. At the same time, we provide an environment for young people to develop good work ethic, leadership qualities, and lasting relationships. As one of our top supervisors stated, “the Midwest work ethic is a real thing!” We see it every day we rogue and detassel.

We provide seasonal work, but feel our job is far more reaching. We strive to help our team members have a positive work experience, make great money in a short time, and develop qualities to succeed in their future careers and communities.


Julie Bohlen founded S&J Detasseling over 35 years ago. She is grateful for so many leaders who come back each summer and join her in mentoring new and returning detasselers each summer. She’s worked in the online medical publishing industry for over 20 years. When not creating memories in the cornfield, she loves spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Tim Farmer started detasseling in junior high and has been a co-owner of S&J Detasseling for over 25 years. He spends most of his time working with crews in the Hastings and Grand Island areas, training bus drivers, and trying to still be “the fastest detasseler.” When not problem solving in the cornfield, you’ll typically find him supporting local athletic teams, coaching basketball, or chasing grandchildren.

Bruce Bohlen, co-owner of S&J, learned about cornfields while irrigating and in a tractor. He farms near Hastings and taught most of us more about corn than we probably ever wanted to know! When not organizing crews, checking fields, or helping bus drivers navigate to fields, he’s planting, irrigating or harvesting crops! He enjoys his children, grand children, and nature photography.

Area Supervisors

Craig Farmer has been an area supervisor for S&J for many years and is our Monsanto Coordinator. He’s done about everything there is within the company. If he’s not helping crews or organizing logistics for the next day, he’s most likely pulling tassels faster than you’d think humanly possible to help others out. Craig is a fantastic percussionist and enjoys golf and his nieces and nephews. (Full disclosure: Julie is his aunt, and she wrote this.)

Dana Thompson has been with S&J Detasseling for over 20 years!  He started out as a bus driver/crew supervisor for the Aurora crew and has been an area supervisor for the last 15 years!  Dana is a business/computer teacher for the Aurora Public Schools and coaches football and middle school track.  He will beginning his 26th year in education and enjoys his summers working with kids in a different setting (aka....cornfield), as they demonstrate leadership, work ethic, and integrity.

Behind the Scenes Support – Our Incredible Office Staff

Detasseling is a busy season. Our office staff works hard to answer questions, handle paperwork for everyone, and take care of payroll. We are all thankful for the support they provide.

Kelly Nikkila has been our office manager for over 20 years. Her office team starts working with her in the spring during signup meetings and finishes at the end of the summer. She understands detasseling very well, as she pulled tassels through her teen and college years. When not keeping S&J afloat in the office, you’ll find her creatively decorating weddings and enjoying her grandchildren.